Some Days There Just Ain’t No Fish


2 Layers


56 × 40 cm

Edition of 10

This is part of a trio of prints – a tripdych I guess. Although I always think of that as one whole image split into three rather than three separate image that are intended to sit together, printed for the 2021 Festival of Print in London.

I made them around the time when Spotify was heckling us all with what our most listened to songs were, and each of these three fairly large prints were based on songs that seemingly featured heavily in my 'most listened'.

They are: Some Days There Just Ain't No Fish by Hoagy Carmichael (seen here), When You’re Smiling, the King Oliver recording (which reminds me of my dad), and Inspiration Information by Shuggie Otis.

All three from the series were hand painted onto tracing paper and exposed directly into the screen without any digitisation, whilst listening to these pretty old records on some pretty new bluetooth headphones that kept running out of charge.